Rank approval removed

In working to approval a completed merit badge for a scout, I went to the Needs Approval Report and found that virtually every scout in our troop who had previously been leader approved and awarded ranks has been bumped back down to parent approved.

Some of these scouts had ranks approved back to 2017. I did do a sync award with Scout Manager - is this to blame? Please advise.

@JenSnyder736 - parent approved?? I think some screenshots would be helpful. So why run scoutbook and scout manager at the same time ?

Is this internet advancement or scoutbook that you a referring to?

Thank you Stephen for responding. Let me use better Scoutbook language. Most of the awards in Scoutbook went from an “awarded” status back to a “needs approval status.” In the included screen shot, the audit trail (leader approved or blue check marks) was wiped out for this Eagle scout.


My intent was to move the roster from Scoutbook to Scout Manager to get our more recently joined scouts into Scout Manager so I first clicked the “Sync Roster” button which did get our newer scouts into Scout Manager. The next button on the row of the Scout Manager plug-in for Chrome is “Sync awards” which I now thing that made everything from Scout Manager come into Scoutbook and I should have selected the third button - "Export awards to Scout Manager."l

Our troop’s intent is to utilize Scoutbook for Advancements and Scout Manager for the external facing website. Is there a way to undo what I’ve done and to restore the audit trail, or did I mess things up beyond repair?

@JenSnyder736 - first thing…, on the website… we use the unit google account to create the website… zero cost. The only thing we pay for is the domain nane and landing page from godaddy.

Now onto your advancement issue i do not think there is a restore process on the backend. The SUAC can speak to that, but it does look like you will need to set everything right yourself.

I have never even heard of Scout Manager and cannot say it is supported in any way

@DonovanMcNeil - this is the product

Donovan, I can see that you are SUAC. In your opinion, are my actions unrecoverable? I admit I clicked a button without fully understanding what I was getting into. I understand that you can’t support something that BSA doesn’t, but I’m looking for a path forward without placing more blame on my shoulders.

You will have to go one by one approving everything - maybe ranks, merit badges and awards - if you are paying for the 3rd party software I would stop - if you do not do this it will effect your scouts get Eagle

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Eagle rank was not affected as you can see in the image below. It did only affect rank, not merit badges.

I am talking about future Eagles - and if it is just a website why is it playing with ranks?

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@JenSnyder736 - why would you need to sync advancement if you’re only hosting the website.

And data recovery in a data center is not inexpensive

There’s is a better report in Scout Manager that displays number of days to a scout’s 18th birthday and their rank so we can get a more accurate picture of who is in danger of not making Eagle in time. The hope was to move the ranks earned from Scoutbook into Scout Manager (which I’m now thinking was supposed to be the third button).

It’s a learning process but I can’t imagine what I did (I selected a time frame to sync from 5/25/2023 to 10/25/2023) would remove all leader approved items and awarded items all the way back to 2017.

@JenSnyder736 - well that is a question for scout manager to answer especially since it overwrites scoutbook data

You might be able to go to Needs Approval report in Scoutbook and Approve All

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I would say this is not a scoutbook bug

Once you clicked the button, was it working for a long time? How many scouts do you have? This seems like it would take a while if it did what it seems like.

Also, I do think we have a bug in Scoutbook. Though it’s not the root cause, it could have mitigated the issues. Earlier ranks should not be able to be unapproved if the later ranks are approved. On top of that, unchecking the awarded box on prior ranks actually unchecks the approved box too.

@jacobfetzer - valid points. It should not have overwritten existing data. But not knowing their processes it limits what we can know. That is the risk of third party providers

All valid points and I’m not certain that my syncing the awards is actually the root source of this problem.

As an example, this scout had all their ranks fully awarded and the date range I selected for syncing awards through Scout Manager (yes we’ve berated third party software enough, but I’m looking for a path forward, not to point fingers) was only 5/25/2023 through 10/25/2023.

@JenSnyder736 - the facts so far are:
1 the data was in scoutbook
2 the sync was run
3 the data is scoutbook was changed

I would argue that a bug exists if previously awarded ranks were allowed to be overwritten.