Merge account help

I need help merging accounts. I have 3 scouts that all have transferred from another pack and need to get their accounts merged:

  • BSA#13642826 and 137350246
  • BSA#13414111 and 137434361
  • BSA#137434351 and 137107290

Any help would be appreciated. I’ve been back and forth with our Cubmaster and then later a person at Council since mid-September and haven’t been able to get this resolved.


What pack is the current pack? @PaulThomas4

The current pack is 248. They are coming from pack 139

@PaulThomas4 this is done - the third one DOB did not line up on the 2 BSA #'s - worth checking with Council to make sure it is right

!! Thank you so much. This has been a huge pain. I’m grateful you were able to get these merge so quickly. I had been hesitant to log any adventures before getting the accounts fixed.


The 3rd one is my cousins son. Looking at his merged account, the birthday is correct

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