Two Scoutbook accounts need to be merged

I have two Scoutbook accounts. I believe them to have been created because I have two children in scouts. Is it possible to merge them together? This is preventing me from using scoutbook a den leader, so it is negatively impacting 7 kids in our pack.

My name is Matthew Jorn. My BSA ID is: 128820283 and the account I can sign into has an SB ID of: 1107078. The other account I am not able to sign into. We are part of Pack 3957 and Troop 957 in the Boone Trails district and the GSLAC council. Any assistance with this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Matthew Jorn

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@MatthewJorn I have merged your Scoutbook accounts.

You have 2 BSA member numbers. One has a slightly different date of birth. I recommend that you log in at my.scouting and double-check your date of birth and your e-mail address.

Thank you. I checked the account, and the birthdate is wrong. I will reach out to the council to have it corrected unless you suggest something else.
Thank you again,
Matthew Jorn

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