Merge accounts for Adults

I have a number of adults that have multiple accounts but I’ll tackle them one at a time. Here’s my first one. She has 2 SB ID’s and 2 BSA ID’s.

As parent:
BSA ID-137251212
SB ID- 2422021

As Troop Secretary:
BSA ID - None listed in SB
SB ID - 11989577

Training/My.Scouting roster
BSA ID- 134781709
SB ID- none

Please help and let me know if you need more info.

@TrentWhite this is all cleaned up

Thanks for the quick response! Here is the next one:

committee member/my.scouting
BSA ID:132053677
SB ID: 9444280

BSA ID: 13102580
SB ID: 1525057

@TrentWhite these numbers are wrong - maybe a husband and wife?

I edited the post. The numbers are fixed now. You’re too quick!

OK that user really needs to use my.scouting user/password
the username is (Firstname)(Lastname)

I’ll let him know. I’ll have some others but I need to contact them first. Thanks for the help!

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