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I have a parent who has two Scoutbook accounts and it appears each also has its own BSA#. This parent was previously with a Pack in Minnestrista MN and has since transferred to our Pack 248 here in Miamisburg. When he logs in, hes unable to see his child’s account.

Can we get these two accounts merged or what is the recommended way to combine these accounts.
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I believe the account on the right in the picture (removed by Moderator) is the correct account to use.

Paul Thomas

Committee Chari Pack 248

@PaulThomas4 - a bit too much personal information posted… The BSA ID’s would have been sufficient.

@PaulThomas4 This adult leader has BSA member numbers in multiple councils. Three of them have active registrations.


This looks more like a multiple unit registration in 2 councils.

He is active in both Dan Beard and Miami Valley Councils

Or for that matter, should we just keep things the way they are and remove the role for Unit Advancement chair from the SB# 678890 onto the SB# 13180989 account and then use the SB# 13180989 for all? I think thats the account that he signs into currently because he mentioned that when he signs in that he doesn’t have his profile picture anymore. Things got messed up around Oct 1st according to him.

On the two user accounts, I don’t see anything that lines up with Oct. 1st on the “Current PACK # Positions and Roles pages”

It looks like he registered with Dan Beard Council in late September, and that triggered the change.

Scoutbook was designed to handle one BSA member ID number at a time. If he is active in 2 councils, then it usually works best to have 2 usernames with unique e-mail addresses. It also usually works best when the names are slightly different between the two councils:

For example:
William Dickson Boyce - in council A
William D. Boyce - in council B

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