Merge Request 2-19-23

Requesting merge of the following accounts:

I am in Michigan Crossroads Council. Here are my two accounts:

KEEP: Scout ID: 134320450

Merge: Scout ID: 13168989

FYI, the BSA ID is usually enough for the SUAC folks to work with. They have requested that names and other PII (like emails, addresses or phone numbers) not be included in posts, in part because the forums are world-readable. They can set up a private channel for that type of info if they need it.

Thanks! I read an earlier message that requested all of this information, got a “we don’t check this email” autoreply from the email in that message, and then copied the post here. I appreciate your advice.


I have merged your Scoutbook accounts and request that your duplicate ID be deleted. Due to the holiday, the ID with your e-mail address will not be removed until Tuesday.

Use your ID that is not your e-mail to log in.

Thank you! I appreciate your support.

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