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Account Merge

Hello! Our PCC came from a different pack and already had a parent account. When they set her up in our pack, they must have created her account a second time. Can someone merge member ID 13618843 and 136778457? The 136778457 is what I see when I login as the CM but 136778457 is what she sees when she logs into her account. Thanks!

@RyanAllison only council can truly merge MIDS we will look on SB side of things

@RyanAllison this should be fixed and her @yahoo login should still work

@RyanAllison Her Scoutbook account has a different e-mail. Which one does she want to keep?

Thank you! I’ll contact council to have them merge the actual accounts

@RyanAllison She has a yahoo e-mail and a live e-mail. Which one does she want to keep?

Hi! Please don’t mind my piggybacking on this topic.
An adult in my troop has 3 BSA IDs and we would like some help with possibly merging the accounts or purging the additional accounts.

  1. He said that per Scoutbook, his BSA ID is 13105387
  2. On the previous recharter and YPT records, his BSA ID is 13519069
  3. He recently created the BSA ID 13893413 when he wasn’t able to log in or reset his account using BSA ID 13105387.
    Which BSA ID should he use with Scoutbook and my.scouting.org going forward?
    Thank you very much for your help!

387 was already deleted @CeciliaGopen this is all fixed

@JenniferOlinger She wants to keep the yahoo mail login

@RyanAllison Yes, but her Scoutbook e-mail is currently set up to go to her live.com account. If she wants her e-mail to go to her yahoo.com account, then she should log in to Scoutbook, then go to:

My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → Email

and she can change it there.

Things usually work best if a user’s e-mail is the same at my.scouting and in Scoutbook.

Thank you so much, Mr. McNeil!

I’m not sure how to ask a question, so trying this:-). I’m a CC and den leader. I opened scout book today and no access. I’m not connected to any of my pack:-( not sure what happened at I’ve been using scoutbook for a few years. Then I ended up creating another account which has access to my son, but no one else. I’m trying to get our new calendar events in there and can’t do anything. Help? ID: 134825573 but not sure how I have two now. In my.scouting, I show up. Thanks for any help!

@KeriOsterhaus This should be fixed for you now.

Thank you so much!! I truly appreciate it!

Hello I need help merging my accounts. For some reason, My real scout account shows under “My Family”. My member ID (PII removed), I am able to login to scoutbook but when I click on my account ( my dad’s account shows). All my details show when I click on my name under “My Family” > Shalin. I recently moved from Troop 379 to New troop 941. My ID worked fine before.

Please help.

@ShalinMadabhavi ok this is all fixed now I think

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Awesome… Really appreciate your help! Have a great day.

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