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Merge SB accounts

I’d like to have these accounts merged if possible. 3 siblings moved from Alaska to our Council (585)

KEEP user ID 11907647, merge 225973 and 7505017

KEEP user ID 11907650, merge 240947

KEEP user ID 11907654, merge 492985

@MatthewAnderson6 Are you sure you want to keep the newest Scoutbook accounts? Usually an older account has more data.

That makes sense, I didn’t know how close user IDs and BSA IDs translated. Whichever merge process retains the most data and keeps them in our council.

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@MatthewAnderson6 Their Scoutbook accounts have been merged. I would recommend getting Cub Scout and Scouts BSA History Reports on these today from Scoutbook as a backup (just in case) - especially for the oldest Scout.