Scoutbook Account merge assistance required

Hi there,

In the past, i’ve been able to raise JIRAs to merge accounts but I guess that functionality has gone away.
Therefore could someone from the Scoutbook User Advisory Council reach out to me (dm, email etc) to help with merging a few accounts? (Few parents, one youth)


@MartinLeach just post the BSA #'s (no names) and we can see what can be done

One youth with two BSA ID numbers:
136079892: Original BSA ID, moved & transferred to our unit, now a member of our Pack (had Scoutbook record moved across to us)
137409036: Application was processed as new, rather than transfer in.

Ideally need to keep original BSA ID of 136079892 and have updated address from 137409036 merged into it, but that may cause an issue with our roster, as warning on 136079892 shows ' has not been matched with a Scout in your Units official roster. Please check with your council.

Let me know what’s possible!

Adults to follow…


@MartinLeach the 9036 is your Councils MID so it needs to stay - this is fixed

@DonovanMcNeil Perfect! Thank you for the fast turn-around.

I have roughly 10 adult connections requiring merging. Once I have the data, can I post them all here?

@MartinLeach Post here the #'s - we can usually tell which ones need to be kept - only issue is when it is Cross-council joint registrations

Okie dokie, here goes:
Only 5…rest looked suspect but turned out to be correct.

136538952: Real, keep
NO BSA ID, SB USERID 10612792 (delete / merge with 136538952)

13512083: Real, keep
136539074 New, merge address into 13512083 (council is incorrect, safely ignore)

13509793: Real, keep
137409071, New, duplicate, merge address into 13509793

Note Committee Chair, have to be careful with this one :slight_smile:
13646921: Probably real original one, default ‘changeme’ email
137141188: New, but has correct email.

136538843: Real, keep
NO BSA ID, SB USERID 10612710 (delete / merge with 136538843)

Let me know if you think the merges should be different than requested.

Thanks again.

Ok these are all resolved

@DonovanMcNeil I am having a similar issue as I have 2 profiles on 1 BSA ID.

@DonovanMcNeil This looks like a magical place!

Keep: 13409110, replace: 13662547 (but keep YPT)
Keep: 13868277, replace: 13808111

Thank you!!

@mitchelr123 if you want to post data we can look into it

@DonovanMcNeil Thank you!

@DonovanMcNeil Can you PM me, it’s a bit complicated.

@MichaelNewman1 these are fixed - the second one needs to use their Google log in

Donovan, How do we keep these duplicate entries from happening? Here’s how we are seeing them occur:
When a new scout joins our Pack, we add Connections for both of the parents so we can communicate with them using Scoutbook… later, one parent volunteers for Committee Position and is assigned a BSA# upon registration. This creates a “new” Scoutbook account for the parent that is not connected to their child but is required to access other functions needed for their new position. Please help us prevent these confusing, duplicate Scoutbook accounts. ~Justin

Well really it is talking to council - here in Longhorn they rarely happen that way, as the registrar searches for Adults when a new app comes in - if one is found they use that old BSA # that had no Criminal Background Check as the new registered BSA # (Even parents have BSA #'s). The vast majority of councils do not take the 3 seconds it takes to do this, causing the issue.

Okay… I’ll reach out to them at the next RoundTable!

Would you merge or just delete the old Scoutbook account without a BSA#
New/Current: BSA# 136530108, UserID 44016 — Old: UserID 5977021

Can you merge the following two accounts (This is a leader with an expired registration but connected to his kids; he had to submit a new registration with us):
New/Current: BSA# 13979893, UserID 12058847 — Old/Expired: BSA# 135229119, 9802445

Thanks for the assist!

@JustinHendricks both are fixed - the second one - the committee position is not fully processed yet

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Hey @DonovanMcNeil From one (Woodbadge?) Beaver to another, thanks again :wink:

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