Merging Leader account with Parent account

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I have a leader in the troop, who is also a parent, and he has both a parent account associated with his son, and a leader account.

How do I merge these two accounts together?

@ChristopherHeffernan if you post the BSA#'s or UserIDs we can take a look

They are 13215706 and 110118471. He did indicate that Scoutbook was asking him to associate the accounts but it kept failing.

hmm would be interested to see a sceenshot of that

@ChristopherHeffernan the second number is invalid please check it

@ChristopherHeffernan I found the other one - it changed email to hotmail not gmail - which does user want? They need to log in using credentials

He wants to use the gmail/13215706. That was the one that he just did YPT under. Sorry the other ID was 110188471.

Well he has to use 8471 as that is his registered position MID - he can ask council to merge the MIDs

So we should talk to the council about merging these.

Thank very much you for the information, we will get this sorted out with them.

Scoutbook is fixed under the 8471 MID - I would have council merge the other number into that one

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