Merging parent and leader account

I’m having a lot of problems with multiple parent accounts this year. I have a parent with SB ID 11811453 who volunteered to be a Den Leader. When he registered it created account SB ID 11932015 BSA ID137428010

What am I doing wrong? Because this happened with another parent as well?

Can any one merge these accounts for me?


@BCotter these are merged - the main issue is what you put in as a parent is different than the filled out adult application

Ahh ok. Thanks a ton!

Is this something our registrar should be able to help with?

If both users are in the Same Council - council can use VST to find in Scoutbook and merge the Scoutbook accounts

@DonovanMcNeil For that same user, he’s registered with council but on his leader profile shows an exclamation point. The my.Scouting org manager has his BSA Number as 13904461 but scoutbook has it as BSA ID137428010

@BCotter this is fixed

Thank you for getting this together for us.

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