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Merit Badge Advancements brings me back to Dashboard

I am having an issue trying to enter in advancements for some of my scouts for their merit badges. When I try to get into some of the scouts advancements and select a Merit Badge it kicks me back to my dashboard. This does not happen for all of the scouts we have in our troop but the ones it does happen with it is for any of their merit badges I try to click into. I have full Admin control for our Troop so not sure what the issue would be. If you have any information or can be of any help that would be great. Thank you!

Chris Woodford

Check their memberships. They might still have a membership from a pack hanging around. That’s the most common cause of the behavior you’re describing.

@ChristopherWoodford If you would like to provide some of the Scouts’ initials, we could take a look.

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