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Can't access merit badges for some scouts

Hello, I’m the scoutmaster for our troop and I’ve been trying to access some of the merit badges the scouts have open, and on a few of the scouts when I select the merit badge it boots me back out to the dashboard. Has anyone else had this issue? And if so what is the cause?

A couple of times in the past, I’ve had that happen when the scout’s membership isn’t approved. It’s been a while since I saw it, though.

make sure the scouts do not have an active pack account in SB


Or you might find on the Scout’s Membership page that the Scout still has an active membership with a Cub Scout pack.

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The two in particular have been in our troop for a couple years. I’ve been able to access them in the past, but just recently this became an issue. I can open their rank advancements, but just the merit badges boot me out.


Go to the Scout’s membership page and make sure the membership is correct. We have seen some strange things recently with recharters. Typically the behavior you are seeing is caused by a Scout having a current membership in Scoutbook in both a Troop and Pack.

John, by any chance do these Scouts have a membership with an Explorer unit?

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