Scoutbook Advancement sends me back to My Dashboard

As title says, the majority of my Cub Scouts will not let me update individually. When I click on the Adventure, it routes me back to My Dashboard. All are linked to the Pack with green checks and some of them have never been in another pack so there are no other memberships hanging out there. Help!

@KristinBigler you need to give more clear steps you are taking to get help - maybe 1,2,3 - so we can see if there is an issue


Are all the Cub Scouts assigned to a den in Scoutbook? The behavior you are seeing is a symptom of a Cub Scout that has both a pack and den membership. End the pack membership and Scoutbook should start working as expected.

Sure. I log onto Scoutbook. Click on My Dashboard, click on My Unit. I have access to advance all my scouts. I click on a scout. They all have a green check mark to show they are verified. I click on Scout’s Advancement and select the rank I am updating. It loads all of the adventures. Then I click on the adventure to update with the date we completed, and it takes me directly back to My Dashboard. I have worked around it somewhat with the Quick Entry Option because that works, but I have some corrections to make and I am unable to add the additional electives we did.


Kristin Bigler


@KristinBigler - Ed is on the trail - the scouts are NOT in Dens it appears - they have to be in Dens for Cubs to work in SB

Thanks. That corrected it. Did I miss that step in the info online? I looked for an hour trying to figure this out, but I couldn’t find anything that said it that simply?

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