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Have Sea Scout Requirements pick up Merit Badges and Awards

There are Sea Scout requirements for the Ordinary and Able ranks that require merit badges “swimming, lifesaving, canoeing, kayaking” and/or awards that have to be hand entered into the system. It should pick up the completion of the merit badge or award for the scout and fill them in for the rank requirement or the elective.

Are you asking for the merit badges to be smart linked to the Sea Scout ranks? Or something else?

That is correct. For example there is a requirement to earn the Swimming merit badge. When the scout earns it via his troop and they enter it. The requirement link should get picked up for the Ordinary requirement.

I think we did not do that because it is like the NOAA awards - it says something like Earn the MB OR complete all the requirements. For Female Scouts before they could be in Troops. and it was either a locked box that the system auto filled in or a manual box like it is now.

If a Sea Scout earned the Swimming MB before registering as a Sea Scout, does the Scout have to do the other requirements to qualify for the ranks? In other words, must everything for a Sea Scout rank have to be completed while a registered Sea Scout or does work in other BSA programs, before registering as a Sea Scout count?

Adding on to Ed’s post:

The requirements for all Venturing awards require the work to be done as Venturers. For example, even though a young person earned the Backpacking merit badge as a Scout, before becoming a Venturer, he or she must pass the Ranger backpacking elective once registered as a Venturer.

And the Scouts BSA program is similar. Any work done as a Venturer or Sea Scout prior to joining a troop would not count towards Scouts BSA ranks, merit badges, or awards.

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