Merit Badge Counselor Expiration

Not sure what happened to my scoutbook account, but my merit badge counselor position was ended with the note “DateEnded set by AkelaSBDeltaSync as Expired with Lapse”. I’m still an active registered adult and YPT is active. I think this happened to a peer of mine also. Can I have my Date End removed?

That error message generally gets added when registration for the specific registered role (i.e. as MBC in this case) lapses. Probably the first point of contact is your council registrar to see if there is some issue on their end.

You should also be able to log into my.scouting, and (if currently registered as a MBC) see the MBC position in your list under “My Profile”. If it’s not there, it’s likely a registration issue and you’ll need to talk to your council registrar.

Called and left an email with the council’s listed registrar. I don’t have high hopes. Thanks for the advice though.

@BobbyKung Your MBC registration expired / lapsed 12/31. You will need to work with your council to get it active again.

You should see all of your currently registered positions at my.Scouting under “My Profile” in the “Registrations” section.


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