ScoutBook incorrectly expires the MBC registration when a duplicate is expired

We have a person who was registered as a Merit Badge Counselor, twice. Once in a District and once in the Council. Someone recently expired the duplicate Council MBC registration, but the District MBC registration is still valid/active.

After the Council registration was expired, ScoutBook expired their MBC registration, even though they still had an active MBC registration. I have scheduled a Sync from Person Record to see if it will clear this up.

When ScoutBook is clearing a MBC registration, it should check to see if the person has another active MBC registration in a different District or at the Council level. If so, it should not expire the MBC registration for the person in ScoutBook.

Specifics about this Person:
Member ID: 131203765
ScoutBook UID: 9627394
MyScouting AID: 10378223



This has been reported.

Thanks Ed. Just wanted to make sure it was known.


Thank you for letting us know. I passed on your text so hopefully they can find the bug from that.

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