Merit Badge Counselor in other troop showing in Leader list in Scoutbook

I have a leader who shows as a Merit Badge Counselor for our troop but who is actually a member of another troop. While some boys use him as Merit Badge Counselor he is not a leader in our troop but I don’t know how to remove him from the leader list, and thus the emails that go out to leaders in the troop. The end date is grayed out, which is normally how you would remove a position. The problem is that if we don’t carefully remove him from the list of leaders receiving correspondence, he will receive such messages meant for troop leaders from scoutbook.


Your Council has not uploaded its Merit Badge Counselor list. Because of this MBCs who were previously on unit rosters will remain until sometime around February 1, 2021. At this point there is nothing you can do to remove the MBC from your roster.

Could you help me understand how a merit badge counselor that is not from our troop ends up in our leader list?


A unit admin or the MBC added the MBC position to your roster at some point. Prior to a recent change, MBCs could be added to any unit’s roster. Since a change a few weeks ago, all MBCs come in via ScoutNET. Those that were on a unit roster because the Council had not previously uploaded an MBC list will remain on those rosters until Feb 1, 2021 when all MBCs will be removed from unit rosters.

ok, that makes sense. thanks for the response.

Merit Badge Counselor is a district Scouter, (Registered at the district level.)
MBCs choose where they are serving in the annual info form.

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