Unit list of which MBs our leaders are approved to teach?

Hi, sorry if this has been asked and answered already. I didn’t find it in a search.
I see the announcement that counselors who aren’t approved by Council for specific MBs will have those badges removed from their approved list on 7/12. There are also directions for a leader the verify his/her status in his/her account.
My question is whether there is any way for a unit admin to run a report on the approval status of the leaders in our unit, or, failing that, can a unit admin go into each leader’s profile and see this info? Many of our leaders are rarely in Scoutbook, and fewer still are proficient using it.

Merit Badge Counselors are not registered with the unit, thus there is no way for the unit to manage them.

Unit leaders can search MBCs by name in the MB Counselor Search on your unit page or the MBC can look at their My Positions page. MBs that are approved by the Council will have a blue check mark. MBs that are not approved by the Council will have a green check mark. Those with a green check mark will be removed on July 12.

OK Ed. That makes sense. Thank you.

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