Merit Badge Requirements in CSV Report incorrectly formatted

I ran the following report for my scout. I made the following selections on the Report Builder:

  • Single Scout (my daughter in this case)
  • All Ranks (with requirements)
  • All Merit Badges (with requirements)
  • All Awards
  • Show Dates
  • Show Requirement Descriptions

After running the report, I chose to export the report to csv. Many of the requirements to not list the full requirement. Others appear to be missing (on further inspection, they just have an extra new line character causing them to not appear in Excel), and others are incorrectly formatted.

Dog Care Requirement 5 is not formatted correctly causing it to expand through multiple columns when viewing in Excel. The line in question is shown as:

  1. Explain the correct way to obedience train a dog and what equipment you would need. Show with your dog any three of these commands: come, down, heel, stay," fetch"" or ““get it”,” and drop it.“”",

Hiking Requirement 6 is both not formatted correctly, and is incomplete in the text. The line in question is:

“6. After each of the hikes (or during each hike if on one continuous trek”“) in requirements 4 and 5”, the weather," and interesting things you saw. It may include"“”,

The pieces for Radio requirement 9 is listed out of order

Safety requirement 1a has an extra new line character at the end of the line causing it to appear incorrectly in Excel (Excel shows the last line by default which in this case is empty). The referenced line is:

"1a. Newspaper, internet (with parent’s or guardian’s permission), or other articles, facts, and statistics showing common types and causes of injuries in the home and in the workplace, and how these injuries could be prevented

These are examples, but not the only instances of each in the entire file.

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