Report is incorrectly exporting comma delimited file

See the image below. The names of the merit badges are getting split and distributed across rows. Also the names are not in the column “merit badges”.

This seems to be a fault in the csv file itself.

@StevenSheldon Which report?

A custom report I created to show all parents and adult leaders with their YPT training and merit badges they can teach.

This is a relatively new bug (in the last couple of weeks) as it used to work.

I see now that YPT training is a separate option from other training (which is great!). Maybe the bug was introduced then.

@StevenSheldon - I think the question is what is your process for running the report. Your starting point and selection options…

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@StevenSheldon Could you copy & paste the reference number at the bottom of your report?

We can provide that to the developers.

Often just remaking a report solves it

Here is the reference number. Be aware that the report runs “to the screen” just fine. It’s only the CSV output that seems corrupted.

ref: PD-20230523182640-333010-602110

I remade the report from scratch and the CSV output is still bizarre for the merit badge field.

What I am trying to figure is what is the Cit Society showing for?? am I unaware of some training?

It looks like it’s mixing the training together with the merit badges.

MBs of an MBC maybe? I bet that list DOES have commas

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Citizenship in the Society is a merit badge that they are approved to coach.

It is not mixing training with merit badges, it is taking one full field of a merit badge and cascading it down row by row while slowly truncating it.

@StevenSheldon The developers have made some updates. The CSV file should be fixed now.

The CSV file is now generating correctly.

In addition, they have now broken out the YPT expiration date into its own column, which is great!

My report is now perfect for identifying all Parent and Leader MBCs in our troop.

Thanks all!


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