Merit Badge Connections Import Error Message

I am trying to upload a CSV file to Scoutbook with the names of Scouts in my Troop that I will be working on a merit badge with. I get the following error:
The file you selected does not appear to conatin necessary headers.
Row 2 has a blank data in column 0
Row 2 has a blank data in column 1
Row 2 has a blank data in column 2

There clearly is data in this row (approrpiate to the last name, BSN ID and merit badge). The data was entered in an excel worksheet but It IS saved as a CSV file.

Any ideas? Or is this something to take to tech services?

Do you by any chance have an extraneous comma and/or carriage return in the csv? I’ve had things like that foul up imports before.

@KevinKiyoi - it would appear that this is the feature assistant group CSV file that you are working with. I just downloaded the sample file and of note is that columns in spreadsheets are letter designated and rows a number designated. Perhaps @GaryFeutz may have some insight. What i see is Col A scout last mane, Col B BSA memberID Col C merit badge. Do also take a look at where that file is saved to be certain that it is indeed saved as a csv file rather than xlsx.

I think the insight with the misplaced comma was what was wrong. Opened up the file in Notepad and found a stray comma. Food for thought I guess - if it does not open directly after saving from Workbook to a formatted CSV ,then take a closer look at the plaintext version before throwing your hands up in frustration! Thank you everyone for your input!

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