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Merit Badges not being added to existing Counselors

After the the update of ScoutBook code in the evening of 5/7/2020, most of the problems I reported earlier have been resolved. Thank you to the support staff.

However, I am still have 22 existing counselors with additions to their Badges that are not being added to ScoutBook.

I will send a copy of the file to ScoutBook.Support@scouting.org.

Ed, Thanks for your help in the past. The fixes installed on the evening of Thursday, May 7, solved several problmes, but not this one. I emailed a file to scoutbook.support@scouting.org about SSD-101236 that shows the 22 existing counselors that we are unable to add badges too.



Yes, SSD-101236 is still under investigation. Thank you for sending the file.

As stated elsewhere, this problem appears to have been solved! Thanks Ed and the Support Staff for taking care of this. For the first time in a month, I have gotten a completely successful Council Merit Badge Counselor upload. The contents of the downloaded file exactly match the uploaded file. SUCCESS.

Again, THANKS to the ScoutBook Team for getting this cleaned up.


Hi folks. I want to get the word out…the MBC upload is broken again. (I have asked it be disabled until fixed.) IMPORTANT: Don’t overwrite your upload file. All day today I was trying to upload and none of the additions or deletions of badges in the upload file were included in the download…and some at least one badge, the deprecated Computers, was added to one counselor. If this got fixed, it is now unfixed by I guess last night’s update.

Specifically, I found the logic to remove or add badges is broken. The messaging says the updates are being made, but the subsequent download shows they are not. Since the upload and download files have the same name, and the messages says the expected updates are happening, there is danger of users downloading the erroneous file over what they are trying to upload.

Please see discussion and details on ScoutBook is duplicating Merit Badge counselors on Council Upload thread.

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