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Wierd Merit Badge Counselor status

Anyone know why I suddenly got this, but it has no body to the message:

Shortly there after, I lost connections to the merit badges I counsel.

Was your council previously maintaining your merit badge counselor list in Scoutbook, or did you have to enter it yourself?

The Atlanta Area Council uploads to Scoutbook. I have contacted the Registrar to see if they just attempted an upload. They have had problems getting their 1900+ MBC list to upload in the past and it ended up killing off most of the MBC…

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You should be able to see the last upload date at the bottom of your My Dashboard -> My Units page, down near the council logo.

I got the same email, I’m also in the Atlanta Area Council. All the counselors that my son was connected to have been removed. I reached out to our District Advancement Chair, and posted to our District FB page as well. Hoping to figure out what happened!

My first guess is that something went wrong with the upload. It could be pilot error (e.g. uploading only those names that have changed, instead of uploading everyone), or it could be an error in the uploaded file that caused it to crash out. Or, y’know, something else I haven’t thought of, since I’m not 100% familiar with the MBC upload process, being just a unit-level user.


Based on what has happened before when AAC tried to upload the MBC file to Scoutbook, I would say that the automated upload errored out shortly after they started the upload. The fact that this happened just before 5:00 pm also suggests that the Council staff started the upload just before they went home. Our MBC list is one of, if not the, largest in the entire BSA so I have been told it takes several several hours to run.

I have alerted our registrars that there is a problem.


Northern Star Council’s list is about 2500 MBCs and I know it is not the largest.

Could this be an expired YPT issue?

Expired YPT does not remove MBCs unless the Council removed them from the MBC upload file. The blank e-mail leads me to believe there is a bug somewhere. I have notified the developers.



Thank you. I wasn’t sure if the bug was in our data or how it was processed at Scoutbook but the blank email immediately struck me as odd. I have brought our (Atlanta Area’s) program director into the discussion on our end in addition to our Registrars. If you would like it, I can send you her email address.

Chuck Olson

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Thanks for working on this. I heard back from our District Advancement Chair earlier, he wasn’t aware of any issues until I brought it to his attention. He said he would check into it, but it sounds like you’re further along in the process, having already reached out to the Council Program Director. I also think it’s a glitch somewhere, since the email I received from Scoutbook (at 5:05 EST) didn’t have have any content either. I even went into my.scouting and ran a YPT aging report (I’m an Assistant District Commissioner), and verified that the counselors that had been removed from my son’s profile were all up to date in all their training requirements. Will probably wait until Monday to log back in, and see if the issue has been resolved by then.

Our Council Registrars have confirmed that there was a error on the upload they attempted on 7/10/20. They did a new upload on 7/11/20 and it appears to have been successful. However, someone will have to go in and reconnect you to the Scouts you were working with as all the connections were broken.

Thank you to everyone who helped out on this issue.

Chuck Olson

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