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ScoutBook is duplicating Merit Badge counselors on Council Upload

JI am ust getting started trying to upload a Council Meirt Badge Counselor list. We have just under 1200 counselors. I maintain the counselor list in an Access data base and create a ScoutBook formated MBC.CSV to upload the counselors to ScoutBook. The first time I uploaded it reported some errors, but not too many, so I committed it. A day later I corrected the error and uploaded a new version of the list (all 1200 counselors). The report said it had ~1150 new counselors. Not realizing what that meant, I committed the second upload. Now, downloading the Council MBC list from ScoutBook it contains over 100s of duplicate counselor records. They are identical, except the the duplicate records don’t have include any Merit Badges. So how does this all work. From the documentation, I believed that to manage the list I had top upload a complete copy each time and that it would match/replace the records. But that is not apparently happening. So my questions are:

  1. How do I delete the duplicate counselors?
  2. How do I update existing Counselors.
    Greg Buchanan greg.buchanan@comcast.net (Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council)

Sounds like the same problem I am seeing here: MB Counselor - Duplicate Entry

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Please send an email to: scoutbook.support@scouting.org describing your issue and include a copy of the file you are uploading.

On April 11 I also ended up with duplicate entries for all but a handful of the counselors in our council. I am sending an email to scoutbook.support@scouting.org) along with the files in question.

Well, I think I figured out the cause of the problem. I had included a
District name in almost all of my counselors. When I removed all the
data in the Units and District columns of the upload, it matched the
existing records correctly and I no longer have duplicate records.


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Thank you for the feedback. I will pass this on to the development team.

Before you pass that information on to the development team…

I am a MB counselor in Gregs council, and I now have a duplicate position entry, so the issue is not resolved,

Thanks Joe. All this information helps.

I think Greg is on to something there. I never include district or unit info in my uploads but have the counselor set it themselves. I am not seeing the duplicate problem (last upload evening 4/14) nor am i having any issues with counselors setting their preferences.

Joe, Afer uploading the corrected MBC list, I downloaded the ScoutBook file. I just looked in that file and I only see you listed once. I also see Katherine McKinley once. Were you previously registered as a Counselor by your Troop? I thought all of those disappeared when we first did a Council upload. But maybe not?
Could that be the duplicate counselor you are seeing?

Nobody in out our has a unit owned MB counselor position anymore.
I have asked a few people, and some have two council owned MB counselor positions: Their original one, with all of the MBs listed, and a new one created yesterday with no MB listed.

When a Council uploads an MBC list the first time, all existing MBC positions on unit rosters are ended. Those MBCs on the council list have new positions created that appear on My Positions but not on any unit roster.

When your MBCs go into my.scouting.org and click on My Profile, is Merit Badge Counselor one of the positions that appears? If not, your council may not have them registered as an MBC. You will need to contact your council to investigate further.


I know the council Upload function is temporarily shut down while they fix all of this stuff. Have they given any idea of timelines as I am currently adding new MBC at a record rate (everyone is bored silly)



The fix is being tested. I expect it to be released next week.

Ed and all,

Will you please post on the threads when the system goes back online.
That will cause those who have posted on the thread to get an email
reminder. Also, if they want more details about my original problems,
or copies of my data sets, I have archived some of the files that I
uploaded and can pass them along for testing if that would be useful.



When the fix is released it will be announced in the change log topic. We recommend users subscribe to that topic so they are notified of updates. Finding and posting updates on every thread that discusses the issue is time consuming. If someone wants to post a notice in multiple threads after I update the change log, it would be appreciated.

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@edavignon, is there updated user guide on maintaining Council Merit Badge Counselors, and other Council Admin capabilities? The last I knew, every time you upload a MBC (42) file, you entirely replace the Counselors already listed, and there is not a way to just add or remove a single MBC.


The entire list must be uploaded each time. If you want to add or remove a single MBC, you can download the current list from Scoutbook, make the necessary changes then upload that list again.

@edavignon, I seem to recall there were some Merit Badges in the MB export from ADMS that were different from the names in Scoutbook. an you point me to where those might be listed?


I don’t understand your question.