Messenger Missing

Our ability to send a message to our Pack is now missing. Was the function removed?

@WendyLatella - there is an alert banner on scoutbook and there is this:

Thank you. The banner is not on my SB. Is there anything that says how long the outage will be? I only see one about the MBs.

This is one of the things I wish we had been notified about in advance.

@WendyLatella - I see the banner before I even log into scoutbook.

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It’s not showing up on my end, but it may be my device. Thank you for the screenshot! It has the dates. I appreciate your help!

@WendyLatella - you are very welcome but I certainly see it on my phone and pc at

Thanks, this was helpful. Wasted 15 minutes thinking I was going insane looking for the Send Message button.

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