Send a Message entirely missing

Send a message is completely missing from scoutbook today - I’m the Cubmaster, and there is no send a message link at all. Is this temporarily broken for everyone, or just me, or is this a “new feature” and we’re supposed to send messages from somewhere else?

As noted at the top of the Scoutbook pages, the BSA datacenter is migrating, and no Scoutbook emails or reminders will be sent.

Apologies - since there’s -always- a notification of system downtime up there, I’d stopped reading it.


Yeah, there tends to be some klaxon fatigue. All told, though, I’d rather get the warnings and have to read them and plan around outages than suddenly discover an outage, not realizing it was planned.

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The funny thing is, you can almost always keep using scoutbook during the “system downtime” so there is no real reason for all the headers.

The notification of system down time usually starts on Monday or Tuesday I’ll til 9pm on Wednesday. So, not always, but maybe 2.5 days out of 7.

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