Messengers of Peace Retired

Is this a bug that the Messengers of Peace Award was retired? I think the “retired” tag on it in Scoutbook is an error or bug. If you look at the updated program the former/lowest level of the Messengers of Peace Award (purple ring, aka the original one) is still part of the program and is the award that a scout or scouter can earn by participating in a project. I have places the BSA website for this below; can someone clarify if the new “purple level” Messengers of Peace is not online yet, or if it was a bug/error that retired the existing “purple level”.

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MOP is available for Scouts BSA in Scoutbook.

I see them for Cub Scouts as well

Screen Shot 2023-06-28 at 2.29.25 PM

I think our implementation had unintended consequences for past earned awards


Ok, cool, so it’s just an isolated issue to certain users. I can work around that with my unit(s) as it comes up (I have been pushing for the units I work with to adopt Messengers of Peace as part of the program plans.)

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