Messengers of Peace - Unit Award

It appears there is no where to mark indivuduals within a unit that have earned the messengers of peace award via the unit award option.

See here:

@RobertRescot - i do see MOP listed under the unit quick entry > awards… is that not what you are looking for ?

I would also recommend entering the service hours in the activity logs.

@Stephen_Hornak Close Agreed on the service hours. But as for the award what is listed currently in Scoutbook is close but not complete. In the 2023 revisions to the MOP program they created the four individual awards: unnamed/base level (same as previous), champion, ambassador, and distinguished. All of these are currently present in Scoutbook, however they also created a fifth award, for the unit which is missing.

Below is the slide from the training, that calls this out. The unit award application can be downloaded from the MOP website.Perhaps the confusing part is that the unit award uses the same insignia/recognitions as the base and champion individual awards.

So, it seems like the “unit” award is actually presented as for the individual award, except it also includes a certificate for the unit, i.e. there is no separate “device” awarded to individuals to indicate that it was a “unit” award. I’m not clear why this would require a separate recognition identifier in Scoutbook, since the actual physical recognition device (i.e. patch) is the same.

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@RobertRescot - there is also this: council guidance doc.

At the council, the Scout Executive signs the application, certifying proper procedures were followed. The application is then entered into the BSA system and filed locally for Messengers of Peace CHAMPION and AMBASSADOR Awards.

Once the CHAMPION and AMBASSADOR award application is approved, Council may award the recipient with the appropriate MoP ring and certificate which can be obtained through National Supply by Council directly.

Sounds like something controlled in Registrar tools like Eagle Rank

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@RobertRescot - looks like a council entered item based on what i posted from the council guidance doc.

Scoutbook does not currently support unit awards. Support for unit awards has been previously requested, but we do not know when or if that will be implemented.


This seems, in someways, like JTE.

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