Migrating activities into scout

Moving from Troopmaster to Scoutbook. Was able to move merit badges/ranks using CSV files is there a way to populate activities to Scoutbook

@TwilaLytle - the activities logs are now in internet advancement and there is no import for those that i recall.

You can, however, create unit-level activities and add the relevant scouts to the activity as you create them. Keep in mind that only the camping log is actively referenced by anything else at the moment (specifically the OA eligibility report), so getting the hiking and service logs transferred can be a secondary step, assuming you can export to a format you can read separately (e.g. csv to read in a spreadsheet program). I might put the service log ahead of the hiking log, since that is drawn from (I think?) In developing data regarding unit service hours (excepting Eagle project hours which are also tracked by the councils, but separately).

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