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I can not understand why the activities were moved out of scoutbook. Why can’t everything be located on one platform. This move is making in more difficult to log hours. Scoutbook is a great forum for tracking and logging of all the scouts progress. Now we can not update the activities Hikes, camping.service hours.
I am the CC and the Pack Advancement Chair, Key 3 and the Pack admin. and I am unable to enter hikes that the scouts have done.

Why not fix things that are really broken here is an example of real problems
After Charter I have several Leaders that have multiple accounts now listed in Scoutbook I have 1 Scout that now has 2 accounts in the pack and 1 in the Troop.

We really like the functionality of scoutbook in general but having to go to different sites to enter different information is not very effective.

@DeronLucatorta - the move of logs from scoutbook.com to scoutbook.scouting.org is part of the overall need to move to new code stack for greater ability to support and enhance scoutbook itself. For help in adding activities there is this:

@DeronLucatorta When you log in at my.scouting.org (my.Scouting Tools), what positions do you see under “Active Positions” when you go to:

Menu -> My Profile ?

The link above has helped. Thanks

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