Missing from leader roster

I fell off the leader roster while toggling through options . Can i be listed as a merit badge counselor instead of a unit scouter reserve?
Thank you

@STEPHENNDURA - what do you show in my.scouting.org as your registered positions… I really doubt you could have removed yourself.

In SB you would never shown as a MBC - that is not a unit position - that is a council position


Ok, thanks for clarification. Can you reset so I appear on the unit leader roster.
Thank you

not sure if a USR would show up - I have never seen one in SB

@DonovanMcNeil - i have USR on the leader side on the scoutbook roster as theg are so registered

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@STEPHENNDURA Your real issue is that you have active registrations in 2 councils.

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I should only be in hawk mountain, I used to be cradle of liberty.

It does, that’s what I always was until…was exploring in the position functions.
Some sort of sync was done before to fix a similar issue in the past.


Have you set your current council’s registered position as primary at https://my.scouting.org/ ?


Yes, I have no way of knowing I’m listed in 2 councils.

Merit badge counselor position


To become a merit badge counselor (MBC) you may need to qualify as a counselor for at least one merit badge, submit an adult application (with current BSA ID number) with a merit badge counselor information form.

If you have a previous BSA ID number, you may need to get it from your previous unit or council and add it to your list of BSA ID numbers on the myScouting tools site.

One of your unit key-3 leaders should be able to tell you what your current BSA membership id number is so you can link https://my.scouting.org/ to it if you have not done so already.

Assuming you had a previous membership in another council you may need to contact that unit or council to get your other BSA ID number for your list of BSA ID numbers.

Help from your council

I suggest talking with your unit or district advancement chair, or council service center for additional assistance pertaining to MBC registration,


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@STEPHENNDURA It looks like you were recently registered as a Merit Badge Counselor in Hawk Mountain (sometime in October). I can see your positions as a Unit Scouter Reserve and also a MBC. At the moment, it looks like there are no merit badges associated with your MBC position in Scoutbook, so you might need to wait for your council to add them.

Thanks for looking at this. From my end I see the badges I’m registered for.

The issue I would now like to fix is to get listed in the roster under leaders.

I was there as a unit scouter reserve, recently I was exploring with functions buttons in the position section and knocked my self off.

Can you re sync this please


@STEPHENNDURA I have requested a position sync. The position sync is automated and only happens twice a day. However, a Troop Admin could also approve your position in Scoutbook, which would allow you to show up immediately.