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Missing Merit Badge Counselors after Council Upload

Our council has completed their Counselor upload, and provided me a copy of the Resulting file from Scoutbook showing that the counselors were uploaded, however the position “Merit Badge Counselor” is not being added to any of our counselors (Including myself) and therefore Units and Scouts wishing to work on badges we counsel are unable to locate us requiring us to publish a list separately to our units. Is anyone else noticing this? Is there anything we can do to troubleshoot?


Are you saying if you go to My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Account -> My Positions you do not see Merit Badge Counselor?

Correct, and going to the MB counselor list none of us are listed

Please have the person who uploaded the list contact me. They can send an email to:

Bill Nelson
Scoutbook User Advisory Council Chairman

My profile has been really inconsistent whether it shows MBC or not…
It’s shown “Merit Badge Counseler” for the district intermittently since the last MBC list update from District (in fact, that wasn’t visible yesterday…). As far as I can tell, I’ve always shown up properly in the MBC list, though.

We are having EXACTLY that same issue here in Hoosier Trails. I uploaded one MBC list last month (I am the Council Registrar and Admin for Council as well) and all worked. I uploaded a new list May 3rd. We plan to upload around the beginning of every month to get updates in SB.

I had a Scoutmaster e-mail me this morning, she said SB is showing she hasn’t been a MBC since May 3 (day I uploaded new list). I search for her and SB does bring her up as a MBC though. So I looked at my own profile, I too am a MBC, And it only shows MBC under my past positions, terminated May 3rd.


Steve; how did you insert that screen print in your message. That is really helpful and I can’t seem to do it with the normal Cont- V.
Thanks! Holly


Please send me an email with your contact information so we can look into this

Bill Nelson

Bill - Will do. Now I did send an incident up (and actually got a quick reply - first time ever for that! - and here is what William said:

Thank you for contacting Scoutbook! I’m happy to assist you. I checked your accounts on my end. You do still have your MBC role. It just doesn’t show up on the Position page because it is a position that can only be removed/added by the Council Admin. Placing it on the Positions page would allow users to delete the position. That would cause extra work for the Council Admins to have to re-add it.

Would you like me to request that this position show on the Positions page?

If you have any additional questions you may find an answer in our FAQ:
Have a great day!

William Bennett | Member Advocate

Okay… so it sounds like it was purposely designed that way?? Here is my response back to William:


Yes, I think it should show up in the Positions section…. I understand the part about possibly being extra work to add back but I really don’t understand the rationale for having it show up the way it does, as a past position. It looks like the position has been terminated – especially since it says I was a MBC from April 2019 ending May 3 2019. That’s confusing, honestly, it just makes no sense! Hard to think someone would have thought that would be okay. If its going to have that end date on there under the Past Position, and do that every time I sync a new list, then yes, it absolutely must appear in the Current position area for that month that the report is synced - how else does the person know they are still a MBC??? .

So following that…. If someone does terminate it, and I have to add it back, how do I go about doing that? Will it be added back if I upload another list? If so, I might just tell folks, “you terminated it, I can put it back but you will have to wait for the next 1st of the month upload.” But if I had/could go in to fix individually as a Council admin, how would I do that? I can’t see where I can go in anywhere and access an individual MBC record to change a termination date or anything…. It looks like I have to upload the whole list again.


And that’s where we area as of a few minutes ago. I will forward you the e-mail stream with my screen prints in it. Is William correct?


William’s answer is incorrect. MBCs do appear on the leader’s position page. This is where the MBC can change their visibility, set Available/Busy, etc. The start and end dates and list of MBs that are counseled cannot be changed. These fields can only be changed by the Council Admin uploading a new MBC list.

We will work to make sure William has the correct information.

Ed is correct that the MBC position should show up in the member’s leadership positions page in SB. If it does not, some things to check:

  • Is the BSA membership number and name the same in the member’s profile in Scoutbook as it is in the MBC file you uploaded? Often members have more than one membership ID and more than one Single Sign On ( login. If so, his member IDs may need to be merged.

This may be easier to debug over the phone.

I grabbed the screen shot with an app called Screenpresso, then in its editor I did a select area, then copy, then ctrl-V in discourse. Worked with no problem.

Doesn’t work from the Discourse app, though.

As we look into this issue we have temporarily deactivated the upload MBC feature for councils. Council Scoutbook Admins may contact me for status at

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I have the issue for our troop n Cradle of Liberty Council. MBC list has been upload but MBC does not show under my positions. I checked all the leader in our Troop and the same.

How does this get fixed?


That is the issue that is being investigated.

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