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My Scouting lists me as a Merit Badge Counselor, but Scoutbook lists me as No Active Positions

Do I need to wait for the merit badge dean of my district to add me to the council roster for specific merit badges?

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That depends. What Council are you in?

Theodore Roosevelt Council 386

Your council has not uploaded its MBC list. You need a unit to add you to their unit roster as a Merit Badge Counselor.

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Got it. Thank you.

Council messed up my Unit Scouter College Reserve registration so I’m not listed in my unit. Can they add me even without this role?

Yes, they can add you

Make sure that the email address/BSA ID they look you up with to add you matches what you show in my.scouting, so that the Scoutbook record matches my.scouting.

I only have 1 BSA ID that I’ve used since I was a Tiger Cub.

It’s still worth confiming. You could easily have another BSA ID without knowing it for any number of reasons – taking a class offered by a different council, for example, or even having a form processed as Matt instead of Matthew.

I was previously listed in Scoutbook as a MB councilor, then on 17 Aug 20 Council updated the MB list and I was removed from Scoutbook, but I am still listed in my.scouting.org in profile, and I checked with my Council Register and I am listed in scouting.net. She told me to contact scoutbook, but scoutbook and closed all service. What do I do?

I wish I had good news on that front, @ScottMarbut.

When that happened to me, I had to track down the specific person at council who was responsible for uploading that list, explain what happened, and why they (not Scoutbook) had to fix it. I kept annoying them every couple of weeks until they figured out what the problem was and got it fixed. It took literally months, but it was eventually squared away.

In my case, what happened was apparently related to the fact that I was already listed as an MBC in a unit position (i.e. the way things were handled before council was able to upload the MBC lists). It took them finally uploading another new list to fix it. It seemed like they thought it auto-updated whenever they updated member manager somehow, although that’s largely speculation on my part based on the interactions I had.

What Council are you affiliated with?

I was able to confirm with certainty that my merit badge counselor status is attached to my primary BSA ID. I printed out the card and it had my main ID with Merit Badge Counselor listed as the position.

Since your council has not uploaded their MBC list, you need to have a troop add you with the MBC position.

also make sure your council has changed your account to an Adult

Far East Council FEC

They have to the extent that they had to do a background check and I submitted an adult application. They just haven’t processed my Unit Scouter College Reserve status on the recharter which I knew was going to be a problem when COVID hit.

@ScottMarbut I just sent you a message. Please check your avatar in the upper right corner.

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