Missing Merit Badge in Scoutbook

I am unable to add Space Exploration Merit Badge to a Scout’s list of Merit Badges earned from summer camp. It is not in the list of merit badges when I search for it.

@CharlesJackson4 - can you look at the scout’s advancement page and see if perhaps it us already there. I suspect it is.

Advancement and scroll down to merit badges

Honest opinion- NOT A BUG

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It was not. And it didn’t come up in the merit badge search when I attempted to enter it

@CharlesJackson4 what is the BSA # of the Scout

@CharlesJackson4 - also if you outline your steps for the mb add.

Help us help you. A shot over the bow is just a call to action :slight_smile:

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@CharlesJackson4 If you don’t have the Scout’s BSA number handy, we can probably find the Scout with the Scout’s initials.

Member ID # 124343521

Going back into Scoutbook via the My Dashboard link and then clicking on the Scout (REMOVED by admin), it does show the Space Exploration Merit badge in the pictorial display of his record and the completion date if you mouse over it.

If I click into his advancement record under Eagle Scout (which is the current rank he is working on), that merit badge does not appear in the list of merit badges completed or still to complete. From there I went back to the advancement main page for Eric where Space Exploration again does not appear in the list of merit badges earned and clicked on start another merit badge. In the search for a merit badge to start, it does not appear.

What I now realize is:

Space Exploration appears under the Bronze palm requirement.

The search to start another only includes a list of badges he has not completed rather than the full list of badges available to complete.

Problem solved.

Thanks for responding.

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@CharlesJackson4 - thanks for the update. I did suspect the very scenario you had posted. Glad that all is in order.

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