Earned Merit Badges Do Not Appear in Individual Advancement Record

We have a Scout who has earned over 126 of the available merit badges. The merit badges beyond the 126 show up in his advancement section, but do not show up on his individual advancement record and do not show up under the “50%” earned palms that he will receive after he earns Eagle (the palms stop at 21). I’ve seen others had similar problems, but cannot find the answer. Is there a glitch in Scoutbook or am I doing something wrong?


Try the Scouts BSA History Report.

I click Scouts BSA History Report and then his name, but the MBs beyond 126 do not show.


Post his BSA Member ID (no names) and we will look into it.

Actually, let me double check . . . I may have been viewing the IAR.

When I go to Reports > Scouts BSA History Report, a screen appears indicating “The information is unavailable. Try again or report this to the forums (100) ref: PD-20230926201352-933554-501062”.

I will try the button again tomorrow. Hopefully it works.

I am now viewing the correct reports. Thank you so much! I have two questions:

  1. For BSA Member ID 127920845, the “Earn 21 merit badges” date reflects the second to last MB completed date. Will that be an issue when he applies for Eagle? How do I correct it?
  2. For BSA Member ID 128906000, there are two blanks for his Scout rank. Will that be an issue when he applies for Eagle? How do I correct it?

Thank you for your help!!

2 blanks in Scout? as in like 2 blank requirements? That all depends on the council. If council follows the words of the GTA it is not an issue as they are just looking at the final date of rank. But if they are saying IAR is needed they probably are not following the GTA

The two blanks for Scout rank are not even included in the IRA, but they exist in the Scouts BSA History Report and are blank. Hopefully, as you say, they are just looking for the final date of rank.


In the history report, Scout rank 2 and 6 appear this way because we had many requests over the years to provide more granular ways to record these items. It is just a display artifact in the report.

I don’t know why for MID 127920845 the report is showing the wrong date for Eagle Req 3. What does Scoutbook show as the date for this requirement? Unfortunately the tool the SUAC uses to view the database is currently not working.

Scoutbook shows that same date and that date cannot be edited.


Open one of the 21 MBs, click on the completion date then click SAVE without making any changes. If CIS came in to Scoutbook by a path other than the Scoutbook user interface, it may not have updated the date of requirement 3.

I just did as instructed, but the date did not change. Perhaps it’s just a glitch.

Try unapproving and clearing date on Communications and save - then go and re-award it

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