Star, Life, Eagle merit badges still incorrect

See Life merit badges incorrect

The issue is still the same. Both in the Website and the Individual Advancement report.

For the scout I used in the example in the other thread, the 2 non-required merit badges for Star do not appear in the Life and Eagle merit badges list.

I have to run, but if you need screenshots I can provide in a couple of hours.


Yes, we will need screen shots.


ID: 137136811

The Scout has earned to date 11 merit badges, all non-required. Orienteering and Radio do not appear under Life.




Advancement Report


Thank you. I will get that to the developers.

@edavignon also of note, future Palms are no longer showing on the Advancement screen in Scoutbook.

I can confirm that the “missing palm entry” issue appears for scouts who have already completed Eagle, but not for scouts who have more elective MBs than required for Eagle and have not yet completed Eagle.

Seems like the logic is only displaying palms if the scout already has their Eagle Completed, which makes it difficult to track how scouts who have more than the minimum number of required elective badges are “progressing” pursuant to the rule that scouts who have sufficient MBs as of the date of their CoH can receive palms without additional BoR and waiting periods. Has that rule changed behind the scenes?

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I just want to confirm that the “it” you are referring to is the palm issue, not the missing MBs on Life.

Yes, @edavignon . Corrected my post to clarify.

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Also of note, the Advancement Report and scoutbook are not showing the same merit badges for Star (Orienteering in the report, Radio in Scoutbook), and that has a trickle-down effect on what is shown for the other badges. This scout’s first 3 merit badges all share the same completion date. Life in the Advancement report, like in scoutbook, still is not including the 2 Star badges.

Eagle and Palm #1 are correct in the Advancement report.

As data points:

All scouts in our troop that I have access to that are First Class or lower do not have Star merit badges showing for Life (Advancement Report and in Scoutbook).

The scout reported initially in this thread is the only scout with issues on the merit badges listed for Eagle in Scoutbook. Of the scouts lower than Star, only that one and one other have more than 7 non-required badges.

The one other scout I have access to is a Life Scout and everything is correct in both places.

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