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Mobile app Eagle application

Trying to complete the Eagle Application on the mobile app but only 13 of the 31 merit badges my son has earned will load. I’m a key 3 and full admin on our Scoutbook site and have tried multiple ways to get them to load. Even going so far as to click on each merit badge and save it again but that did not help.

I’m trying to learn and navigate app so that I can get our scout parents and scouts to use it. How can I make sure that all info is loading?


I can take a look - we had an issue with some of the linked MB’s not displaying correctly about a month ago. While i am looking into this can you also check and see if you are on the latest version of the app and log out clearing all of your data and then logging back in. There could be something saved on your device that needs to be cleared. I will get back to you shortly with what i find. Thanks - Daphne

@FlorenceWeiner - so you use Scoutbook.com also? Does the Application fill out from the Scout’s Scoutbook Profile page > Reports?

The Eagle Rank Application is fine from scoutbook.com, but I was able to replicate the issue on teh scouting app.

@Stephen_Hornak is it just the required coming in?

@DonovanMcNeil -that appears to be the case

The ESRA does fill out from the profile page on the website, although it is pulling some really old address info for me and is also skipping the senior patrol leader position he just left. The app is listing Patrol Leader and his new position as Troop Guide.

Apparently the mobile app does not sync to the website in the ESRA also. I entered the religious referral info in the mobile app but it did not upload to the website application.

Ok in looking you will only see eagle required on this and the optional items required so up to 21 items. Not all 31. However if does look as it the optional items are not working correctly - as one of the options is swimming and your scout has the swimming MB (which is showing just not in the right spot). I will open a bug. We will push the fix next week. Thanks - Daphne

Thank you everyone. I was racking my brain trying to figure out why the required MB were showing in the wrong spot and trying to fix it. Thought I was doing something wrong.

I appreciate the help!

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