Can scouts run their own eagle application (report)

My daughter and I looked around for quite awhile and couldn’t find where she could run the eagle app. Is that true? How odd!


Eagle App is on the Scout’s Report page.

@edavignon That is the first place I told her to look. It isn’t there.

As my daughter would say “one would think”. Both on her phone and mine, not there. Her member ID is 135751465.


I have notified the report developers.

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The developers are investigating.

Please also have her try the reports menu from the home screen, not her account screen.

Just checked, didn’t work either in either menu…


Developers just pushed an update to the Reports link on the MyAccount page. Can you verify please?

@edavignon - I tried on my son’s login but get invalid resource. It could be that he is already an eagle or as they would say in my area (eggle)

It is in the “inner” menu, but not the main report menu. It actually doesn’t work though. Comes back invalid.

@Matt.Johnson @Stephen_Hornak

A fix for the invalid resource issue has been released. Can you test again please?

@edavignon - and that worked for my son’s account

It works. Thanks! It does only show up on the “My Account” reports menu vs. the “My Dashboard” reports menu. Not the best interface, but in any event, it is now there and works! Thanks.

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