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I am the unit advancement chair for my troop and do most of our troop admin on scoutbook. Multiple members of our troop are using the scoutbook app and the advancement information that shows up on the app does not fully match the scout’s actual record that is in scoutbook. Is there a sync issue or a lag that can be addressed in crossing the official info from scoutbook into the app since that is the user friendly tool that scouts and parents prefer for tracking.

I am having that same issue with my daughter. The latest change log says it fixed wrong ranks, but my daughter’s is still wrong.

Members of our troop are also experiencing issues with merit badges showing incorrectly in the app. They show as “in progress” even though they have been marked approved and awarded by a leader. Or they show approved but not awarded even though they have been awarded. Everything is correct in scoutbook. It just does not show the same info in the app and the recent bug fix did not correct this unfortunately. Please advise.


Did you get a new version of the app? It needs to be updated to fix the rank problem.

I have not heard about a MB issue but I suggest updating to the latest version and trying again.

App has been updated by myself and at least one other parent in the troop. Scoutbook official records are not matching what shows up in the app for merit badges. Badges are stuck “in progress” when they have been approved and awarded. One scout has earned 56 merit badges and only 8 are showing approved or awarded when all 56 have been awarded. Again, MB’s are getting stuck in an “in progress” state on the app. Is there some sort of bug fix for this issue as the rank issue was resolved with the recent app update? Thanks!


Please provide the Scout’s BSA Member ID. I will pass it on to the developers to investigate the MB issue.

This is a problem for multiple scouts in the troop but that particular scout I was talking about is:

BSA ID: 130575995

Thanks so much!

Thank you. I have confirmed the Scout has 56 MBs in Scoutbook and Akela and reported the problem to the developers.

I did right after the update notice came out. It was still broken even on the new app. I checked again today and the rank fix now works.

Following up to see if there is any update on this. Thank you!

I don’t have any updates.

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