My Den Calendar Disappeared / I can no longer create Events

Hello All,
I had no problem scheduling Events for my Den in Scoutbook but, all Pack calendars including my Den calendar disappeared. I can’t schedule any Den events any longer in Scoutbook. I had no problem in 2021 and 2022. I first noticed the problem in January.

Can anyone help me?

Screenshot 2023-02-23 145256|690x440



@DaveRamirez - please post your BSA ID

@DaveRamirez Talk to your unit Admins (they have 2 keys by name in SB Roster) - your Den Admin position does not have a den


BSA Member ID or SB User ID?


Dave Ramirez

Don’t worry about it. Donovan found your record.

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Thanks, I will.


Dave Ramirez

Pack 703

Wolf Den Leader

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