Den Calendars on "My Calendar" in Scoutbook for Cubmaster/Pack Admin

I am Cubmaster and a Pack Admin for my Cub Scout Pack. I use to be able to see all den calendars in “upcoming events” on the dashboard and “my calendar” within Scoutbook. Now, in the last few days I can only see those same den calendars in the Pack’s main page under upcoming events or in the Den page under upcoming events. I also cannot access past events to see attendance, etc. I can only see den activities for dens that I am also listed as a den admin. Has this bug shown up for anyone else or is this an isolated incident? We rechartered in January so that should not be a factor here.


I have found 3 Scoutbook accounts that belong to you. I also see 2 IDs, one with your e-mail address and the one you used earlier today. I will merge all of these accounts.

For the calendar, click the gear icon and make sure the desired options are selected. There have not been any calendar updates recently.

That solved it. Thank you, I don’t know why they got deselected, but I really feel foolish for having missed checking that…

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