Pack Admin (me) cannot see one of the Den calendars

I’m a Pack Admin, and I can no longer see the calendar for one of the Dens in our Pack. Normally I don’t think I would have even noticed, but my son happens to be in that Den, and I thought it was just that the Den Leader had gotten lazy entering events into SB. However, tonight another parent showed me that their SB calendar has the Den events listed!

What can I do?


When you are on the scoutbook calendar, click the gear icon and make sure you have that den selected.

Yep, tried that. :slight_smile:

I’m also our Pack’s “Scoutbook Guy” so I’m very familiar with the site’s functionality. The Den calendar simply shows no events for me within the SB calendar or through the iCal URL that’s syncing to my Google calendar.

If you go to the den page, do you see anything in the upcoming events window?

False alarm. Turns out it WAS that the Den Leader had not entered events into SB yet this year. I think maybe the other parent might have had the calendar loaded for another Den which just happens to be on the same weekly schedule, and shame on me for not looking at his phone more closely before posting.

Thank you for your quick response.


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