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My Scouting App - Bug w/Star, Life, Eagle requirements

Is anyone else experiencing this? When my daughter went to look at Star requirements on the app, it is populated with what I think is Cub Scout requirements for a belt loop? image

@JenniferSikora - I just checked my son’s account and it is solidly scout requirements. I would make sure in scoutbook itself there OS not cub scout membership. Also it may be wise to clear app cache and data. Then relaunch the app.

Just heard of this from another family. they use apple products. @Stephen_Hornak, are you using 'droid? @JenniferSikora using an iphone? Trying to narrow it down before I email support and post in bugs.
Marian McQuaid, The Spirit of Adventure Council

@C227_05Registration - I am on an android. Let me see if I can get a screen grab attached.

We are using an iPhone.

Not sure if this could help but worth reading:

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