My.scouting has my active member ID but scoutbook has my old member ID help

Our pack recently re-chartered and after it completed my account split. My current member ID is associated with my.scouting and all other tools except for Scoutbook which reverted to the member ID from my previous council preventing me from using any of the advancement tools or view any information of the scouts in my pack. If I switch the primary ID in my.scouting to my old one, everything works but if I switch primary ID to my current one, scoutbook won’t switch with my.scouting.

Is there a way to merge the accounts so only my current account is the active one


I’m looking into this for you


This is fixed. Please try again.

I recommend you contact your Council and ask them to use the Relationship tab of Registrar Tools to move your children from your BSA Member ID (MID) ending in 253 to your registered MID ending in 076. This will prevent further issues at recharter time.

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