Accounts that were MERGED are now not

I am the Scoutmaster for a Troop, Den Leader for a Pack and adult to 2 scouts.
I was on this forum 2 months ago with the following issue:
I have 2 Member IDs in Scoutbook

  • 134946463 - With this member ID, I have access to the units and my children in Scoutbook, but I do NOT have access to any internet advancement to approve items. my access not on official roster in my.Scouting.
  • 12592054 - With this member ID, I do NOT have access to anyone on Scoutbook, but I can access the Troop, Pack and my children for internet advancement.

Several months ago, when I reached out on this forum, my accounts were somehow merged, so that when I logged in, I had access to everyone on both Scoutbook and internet advancement.
NOW when I log in, it is back to the same problem.

Please redo whatever was done before to correct this.

Thank you,
Erica Song


On 6/17 your primary MID on your ID was switched from 12592054 to 134946463. When you logged in to Scoutbook after this switch, it generated a new Scoutbook account.

Your registered MID is 12592054. Everything needs to be done with this MID.

I will merge your Scoutbook accounts and set the proper MID on it. I’ll post again when this is fixed.


This is fixed


Make sure you are logging in with your ericasong

Terrific. Thank you for your prompt help!

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