my.Scouting Position Manager v.s. Membership Registration

@brantgurga & @RonaldBlaisdell I was able to access the council reports in my.scouting today and low and behold, the data is now there.

I don’t know if our council staff wasn’t patient enough or if something changed as a result of my posts here, but at least for the moment I can actually see the report.

Next step … see if it remotely matches what’s in Scoutbook.

New functional roles in my.Scouting Tools:

The position manager tool is primarily for the new my.Scouting tools. Before a role can be used to allow access to tools, it needs to be defined in the Position Manger (before new tools have been built.) Thus roles may exist before they can be used.

It has been my observation that operating committee chairs and member are both defined and that the chair usually has more powers than the member (at least in the beginning).