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Position Manager Sneakpeak

A sneak peak of the upcoming Position Manager was included in the recent Membership & Marketing webinar. See Membership Marketing Webinar April 7, 2021 on Vimeo. The Position Manager is about 2 minutes in. The experience was still buggy a bit.

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Position Manger is one of the most needed and demanded tools we’ve needed for years. Thank you for doing this.

Now, can it be done also at the district level for district positions? Or just unit positions at this level?

Also, thank you for allowing transfers across councils.

These two things are among the most important developments I’ve seen since the rollout of MyScouting. Thank you a thousand times to the IT team.


When it comes out (maybe late this week), Position Manager will fully replace Organization Security Manager. Those who can currently access Organization Security Manager will have same access in Position Manager.

The following position will have access to the Position Manager capabilities found within Organization Manager

Role Type - National Key 3
National Scout Commissioner
President and CEO
Chief Scout Executive
National Admin
Role Type - Region Key 3
Regional President
Regional Commissioner
Regional Director
Assistant Regional Director
Role Type - Council Key 3
Scout Executive
Council President
Council Commissioner
Role Type - Extended Key 3
Director Field Service
Assistant Scout Executive
Borough Scout Executive
Asst. Director of Field Service
Field Director
District Director
Senior District Executive
Council Admin
Deputy Scout Executive
Registration Support
Role Type - District Key 3
District Executive
District Chairman
District Commissioner
Role Type - Unit Key 3
Committee Chairman
Chartered Organization Rep.
Venturing Crew Advisor
Key 3 Delegate
Lab Manager
Associate Lab Manager
COR Delegate
Explorer Post Advisor
Post Committee Chairman

Here is a screenshot from QA for what a District Commissioner would see.


I wish they would have included Asst District commissioners. I’m the “tech” guy for our district so that capability would be nice.

Have your DC assign you as a Key 3 Delegate.


Position Manager went to live in Production today (4/27). See it by going to Organization Manager, and then choose it from the sub-menu on the left-hand side. Organization Security Manager is scheduled to come down tomorrow morning (4/28).

OK, it is now live and I already have my first question.

As District chair, I have access, no problem.

However, when I go to add someone to a position, say, District Membership Chair, my list of options is not everyone in the district (about 200 scouters), but only a few people (about a dozen): the key three, unit commissioners, and some (but not all) district committee members. And searching only returns those dozen or so options.

I should be able to add anyone who is already registered within the district, in any unit or district role, to any of these positions. Is this something to come, or something I can change on my end?

Also, one of my unit committee chairs just noted that when he logged in, he could only change functional roles, not registered positions, for unit members. Is that intentional?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks AJ - We early adopters are doing some smoke testing here… I have shared your experiences with the PM.

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Thanks - i figured as much, but happy to see it and offer the feedback!

The way I understand the tool, this is working as designed. Since the COR must sign off on all leader changes, only the COR or COR delegate can make registered leader changes.


Ah must have misread Rick’s post above about the key 3 all having access as all having authorization to use it. Thanks.

It has since disappeared, so I can’t keep playing around with it. I figure it will re-appear when Org Manager goes away later today.

Position Manager Status

from my.Scouting Tools 5/5/2021

Position Manager

National 05/04/2021

The ability to change registered positions in Position Manager is temporarily unavailable to resolve a critical issue. Functional positions are not affected. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Organization Security Manager is now Position Manager:

National 04/27/2021

An update was made to the process of setting functional positions in your unit, district, and council. That has moved to the “Position Manager” tab on in the “Organization Manager” page. This update also now allows the Chartered Organization Representative to change adult registrations.