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My.Scouting Tools not functioning fully in Safari

Trying to access “My Account” section on My.Scouting, does not function in the latest version of Safari (even though ironically, the screen says to use the latest version). This will prevent anyone from setting up sign in with Apple or Sign in with Google. Looks like the feature may still needs some developmental work and may not be ready for prime time.

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I had just noticed the same thing - I opened a private window and it is fine - I am thinking it is a cache issue

As a second question, how long does it take to populate the change, i.e. if I switch to sign on with Apple, when should I be able to use that in the various apps? I tried the change and clicked sign in with Apple and it locked my account for 30 minutes.

did you change it in my.scouting.org and my account?
it should be instant across the platforms

yeah I cleared cache and it is functioning now

Yes, I changed it in Firefox on my laptop, then tried to sign in with Apple on my phone to Scoutbook, IA2, and the iOS Scouting app. Failed on all attempts and locked my account.

Probably going to switch it back to user name and password for now as it still seems buggy once the account is unlocked.

@ZacharyMcCarty you are in Tennessee?

Yes, in Chattanooga.

ok just making sure the Developer found the right you to look at the issue

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