Unable to use "login with google" through iphone

I have been successfully logging into scoutbook using the “login with google” link for months on my iphone. It suddenly stopped working. I’ve reviewed this forum so I checked that the web address was correct. I am using safari browser. I am able to use “login with google” from my laptop computer to access my Scoutbook account. When I try to use “login with google” from my iphone, the phone just gets hung up and won’t move past that screen. I am able to use login with google from the iphone to activate many other applications, including myscouting.org. My email is jmccallhosenfeld@gmail.com and SB#: 12474383. I recently had a duplicate SB# deleted thanks to this forum. Any ideas?


You posted in the Scouting Mobile App category but mentioned Safari.

There have not been any changes with respect to Google login. Try restarting your phone.

Should have mentioned that I already restarted my phone. Multiple times. Should I repost in Scoutbook?

I moved the thread. Hopefully someone who uses Google Login can help.

Also should mention that I made sure the iOS was up to date. Thank you for moving the thread

have you tried a different browser?

the google browser works. thanks

@JenniferMcCall-Hosen - safari is not a good browser for scouting stuff.

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